Monday, November 2, 2009

Day 02

They were in the clearing of woodlands that sat comfortably enough away from any villages in Valladolid, or the border. Carmela and Isabella pulled the prison wagon to a tent near the center, where they hopped off of their horses. Isabella stretched her arms towards the sky, then hunched over slightly and held the cane in her hand as support, while Carmela let the prisoners out. As they exited the wagon, they smiled and nodded, or gave thanks, to the knight, and wandered around the tent, talking amongst themselves.

When all of the prison wagon’s occupants had left it and the two women made sure that they were all well, they closed its doors and entered the tent side by side. In the tent sat a bespectacled man in his night clothes on hay mattress. He greeted them with a yawn. “Sir Blanca, Lady Isabella.”

“Good evening, Alberto,” said Isabella. “I’m sure Carmelo would say the same, if he could, of course.”

“Of course.” Alberto lifted up his glasses to rub his right eye, then directed his attention towards the knight and asked, “You two are earlier than expected. Everything went alright?”

“Getting in the prison didn’t take too long,” answered Isabella. It normally doesn’t when one stabs and electrocutes all of the guards. “We didn’t meet much resistance on our way back, either.” They weren’t given a chance to resist. “We took as many prisoners with us as we could, and no one was harmed.” Well, no one that matters in this story. “Our only problem is this man who seems to be unable to understand us, or speak our language. I think he may be from Italy.”

“Good, good.” Alberto sleepily bobbed his head up and down. “Actually, I’m glad you two came back earlier. As you know, the great knight-”

“Excuse me, I’m sorry,” Isabella interrupted. “If we already know, then why are you going to tell us anyway?”

“It is for your benefit, my dear, incase you may have forgotten anything,” he responded, “and for the benefit of anyone else who has not heard our story.”

“We’re the only three in this tent.”

“As you may know, when the great knight of Valladolid was captured by the evil knights of Segovia Avila, we lost the one person who was supposed to deliver us from whatever future tyranny they may bring our great kingdom. After his capture, the king decided not to do anything about it, even after our own citizens were jailed afterwards for so much as even crossing the border into Segovia Avila. This was probably to avoid an all-out war, so our group has disassociated ourselves with our own country to rescue these people.

“Just today, we have found out that the great knight mentioned before is being taken to a prison closer to our location, which will make it much safer for us to rescue him. Carmelo, since you have done such a fantastic job with your rescue missions, we would like you to be the one to rescue our good knight. Do you accept, Carmelo?”

Isabella looked at Carmela, who just nodded. “Yeah, he does.”

“Fantastic,” said Alberto, clapping his hands. “I will need you both to get as much rest as you can tonight so you can set off first thing tomorrow morning. Now let’s get the rest of this business taken care of, shall we?”

Alberto left the tent to talk with the escapees. Carmela and Isabella followed suit, going to their own tent. It was just how they left it: a hay mattress in the middle, with some bags of clothing here and there, a mirror, the basics for hygiene, and Carmela‘s old surcoat that she had not worn since joining the little group of rebels.

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